Site Selector

Site Selector is a graphical log book of where you've attached subcutaneous diabetes equipment. Simply tap on an onscreen body to show where you're wearing your insulin pump or CGM. Keep track of which body space is fresh and ready for use, and simultaneously keep from overusing convenient sites. Used spots show symbols, and they fade over time to show when they're available again, according to a schedule you define. Supports both insulin pump infusion sites and continuous glucose monitors, with different rates of healing for each.


How to I place a site?

There are two ways to place a site: The easiest is to just hold your finger ("longtap") where you want it to go. Site Selector will prompt you as to its kind.

If you have trouble making that way work: Navigate to the side of your body you'd like to use, then tap Add Pump or Add CGM to indicate the type of device. Last, tap the spot on your body you used. A Purple (Pump) or Orange (CGM) symbol will appear at that point, and will automatically list today's date as the date you used the site.

How do I retroactively mark a site used?
Follow the same procedure as placing an ordinary site. Once it's listed, tap its symbol, and an Edit screen appears. From here, you can change the date.
I marked the wrong site!
Tap the site's symbol, and the Edit screen appears. A delete button is near the bottom of the screen. Note you can't move a site, so you'll have to delete it and place it again.
I add a site but don't see it!
Sites are designed to fade (to represent tissue healing) over time. If your healing times are listed as zero, you'll never see the site appear. If they're set at a month, and you're retroactively placing a six-week old site, it'll disappear. It will still appear in the site log, and you can edit it from there.
Note for iPad: When the iPad is used in landscape, you get a side-by-side view of the front and back of your body. There are two sets of Add buttons in this view. The buttons only work for the side of the screen they're on, that is, if you click Add Pump next to Back, and then tap the Front body, nothing will happen.
How can I use this to track shots?
You can't. While Site Selector is now accurate to the minute, it's still not geared towards shots.
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